There is no need to remind us we live in difficult times, with dangerous coronavirus spreading around the world, affecting each and every aspect of our lives.

Our thoughts go out to all the people suffering from the disease.

We all need to stay careful and stay put - social distancing ourselves in order to cut the ways of infection. Such isolation may and will influence a lot of us, not only physically, but also mentally.

Being mindful of our thoughts, especially those negative ones, can help us go through the hardship. If such thoughts occur, just observe them, don't cling to them. Let them go because sooner or later they will disappear.

Keep yourself busy, don't forget to have a daily routine. Don't get in the cycle of misery. Do something and do it intentionally, "meditate while pilling potatoes". Be there.

Maybe this hard situation can teach us something. Have you noticed how most of us rush, chasing unnecessary things? Lots of us have forgotten how to just sit and be; notice every small thing in our lives. Read quietly, observe nature, just experience every smallest aspect of life.

quote the unexamined life is not worth living socrates 66 86 80

Maybe it's time to ask ourselves if we really want to lead such a busy life or we have been caught in such a lifestyle by the others and we just repeat what they do without even thinking this is the right thing. So, this time of self-isolation may be a great time for us, time to ask ourselves important questions, seek answers, make decisions. Maybe it is a lesson life gives us to stop and think, to look inward and become humane again. 

It is definitely not time to panic. It is definitely time to stay reasonable and responsible for ourselves and for the others. It's not the time to put ourselves and the others in danger only because of our own whimsical behaviour. 

It is also a great financial lesson for many. It is time to look at your spending patterns. It can teach us whether we save some part of our income, as small it may be, but regularly. Far too many people spend all they earn every day, and I am not talking about people who live on a minimum wage, I am talking about people who just have this urge to spend. Who being adults behave like a 3-year-old kid who has to have something, without noticing he/she won't appreciate this thing in a short time. 

So, be there where you are, be there intentionally. Be open-minded and curious. Be responsible.

Stay put and stay safe!