Hello to All, I really DO hope your moment in life is full of positive vibrations.

Today's post's title has the word "trading" in it, some of you know I have been trading Forex for some time now and also I have invested at the stock exchange,  but I believe, as the post also speaks about feelings, you can relate to any situation in life.

I have this opinion we mostly do things in life out of fear of any kind. Even though you may not agree with me on this one, you will agree we have a mix of different feelings during each day, feelings we are not always aware of or those we may not know how to call in the particular moment. The fact of not being aware of our feelings is connected, again in my opinion, with the level of mindfulness we are at. And that is fine, I'm not saying we all have to be at the same level, as we have various experience.

Anyway, for example, today I have found my anxiety level is a bit higher than usual and I am extremely sleepy due to low blood pressure. With this notion, I opened my transaction platform at my broker's and looked at the charts. Imidietally I got attracted to EURUSD strong movement! Wow, just wow!  What a mix of additional feelings occurred! Excitement, fear of missing out ( FOMO), belief that I simply need to jump in the trade as all the others did so. So many times before I would just do it, the feelings were simply too strong and so often I was driven by them, without any further thinking.  dont promise

Yet, this time, being also more experienced, I have recalled the above statement.

 I am certain we all have been in situations when we just jumped into a decision or replied out of some strong feelings and later we regretted it. The above statement is also strictly connected with trading, professionals know how to, maybe not keep their feelings at bay, but stick to their trading plan. If they do not see some elements they have chosen to trade, they just do not enter the trade.

You will say, hey Brygida, it's easier said than done and I will say " Amen to that, dear Humans. I have been there and I have done that, 5 years to be precise. We are just humans and, even if we like thinking we are special, we are just very similar, especially in reacting to feelings.

So, what have I done in this particular moment? Besides recalling the statement mentioned, I took a few moments to just pause and do nothing.

There is this idea certain chemical reactions in our brain last 90 seconds, the rest of the time we decide to hold particular feelings depends on us. 

Later, I looked at the chart again, the movement of the price was strong, but (!) I haven't noticed the price patterns I usually trade and also the volume, which I look at, was not right in my opinion.

I reminded myself the affirmation I once read on the Internet, reading: I only trade opportunities that present themselves to me.

I closed the broker site and walked away. I was not thinking clearly because of being more anxious, sleepy and having all that chemical rush connected with the excitement of the moment. Some may say I could have earned a lot of money. Probably. Oddly enough, though, I want to stick to my plan, with time I know this is the key to constant earnings while trading.

Can we also use these simple ways in different occurrences in life? Of course, we can. In a moment of taking a decision, we can always take a minute to pause, there is nothing wrong in asking the second party to wait a minute. If we have some certain rules in life and somebody or something require us to break them, let's pause and decide how we feel about it? Just a minute can let us see things more clearly, can break the pattern of e.g. negative feelings, and that can allow us to take a more suitable decision.

In the end, I repeat again, I know it isn't easy, but it IS manageable, just try, why don't we?