"May you live in interesting times", this Chinese curse has fallen upon us recently. It has done so in so many aspects and in many countries. Sometimes it seems to me like the whole world has gone wild and that there is no solution to the problems.

The more I think about it, though, the more I understand that the ancient wisdom of Mindfulness and Aristotle's Golden Mean may be the answer to the dangers of division among people.

Mindfulness - observing everything unfolding in our lives, in the present moment, without judgment. It means accepting what is happening now and taking adequate action for the future. It means getting to know yourself, with your positive and negative sides, accepting hard truths about yourself, and taking responsibility for your words and deeds.  Only when we observe what is inside of us, and in the outer world, we can do something about it, say, we can change ourselves or let politicians we don't agree with go.

Here comes the second wisdom I have mentioned, Golden Mean. Although I do not agree with Aristotle's opinions about women, the Golden Mean is something I have been able to see in so many moments of my life.

Golden Mean may be explained as finding a middle way between two extremes. In the ideal world, it would be amazing if all the people took a step back and really mindfully took a middle path. If we could see the second person, the Other, the way they are, without judgment, without forcing anybody to be who we want them to be, without putting our beliefs on others. I guess, if each of us starts loving rather than hate we may reach some of the ideals we all long for. Because at the end of the day, we all cry the same tears, we laugh when we are happy, we are the one, even though we are different.