I have not been writing for a longer time, it has been connected with personal issues, but also the conviction I should be writing only when I feel I can convey something important based on my life. So, I want you to treat this post as a kind of a friendly reminder or a lesson I can give from my personal experience.

2020 was really taught for me, of course, the pandemic hit and due to it I earned just less than 1/3rd of my regular income, but moreover, I lost my Mom - the best friend I had ever had. The 1st three months of 2021 were fine before the sudden and unexpected situation hit me and I had to spend 3 weeks in hospitals plus have a small surgery. So, again I have not been working for the last 5 weeks and in the next 3 months, my income will be very limited, as it always happens at such time of any year.

I am not writing it to make people feel sorry for me or to vent my emotions, I am writing it because during these hard times I saw how much mindfulness helped me mentally and how much it is important to have an emergency fund.

In my recent stay in hospitals, I used mindfulness meditation to help me go through days. To achieve it I was focusing on my breath, I used sound meditation focusing even on the sound of some woman's voice when she was talking to herself or when someone was crying. That was very unexpected, I did not know it was possible to achieve, but apparently, my previous practices of sound mediation had taught me to use it even in a hard environment.

Financially I am also coping pretty OK because before I had a chance to build an emergency fund. When I was doing it, or when I was reading how important it was to have one, the idea was totally theoretical. Suddenly, it has made total sense and I am living proof that having some money saved for rainy days is crucial.

Here I need to say, of course, I am privileged to have been able to save some money, but also I want to stress I normally do not earn some extravagant amount of money. So, I can be an example of people who even though do not earn too much, are able to use the money wisely.

So, what can you do to learn to meditate or save some $?

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The most simple meditation - the sound meditation- can be practiced any time and everywhere. It should ground you here and now, make you feel quiet, or just be.

You can just sit down, or stand if you like, close your eyes if you wish and just focus on any sound that is coming to you. Do not judge the sound, do not say you don't like it or you like it. Just focus on it. When your thoughts flow away, return them kindly to the sound. And just breathe. The meditation can last as long as you wish.


  If we speak about money, and I can't stress it enough - always live below your means, spend less than you earn. This is what I have learned in life. It leads to building some financial freedom, meaning you can be calmer in difficult times that at least you do not need to worry about money.

How to live below your means? Do not buy all the things you do not need, do not buy the things based on your whim, you really do not need the 10th pair of jeans or the newest model of a smartphone, or you really do not need to keep up with the Joneses, especially what the Joneses are probably broke. I can repeat it over and over again, and probably you may read it in my future posts, but this is the simplest truth of life. I know lots of folks will say YOLO, but it is a no-brainer we also can be prepared for some months of distress.

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Besides all I have mentioned - always be kind to other people, good things will return to you in the most unexpected moments, and I am also the living proof of that.

Probably this is the best place and moment to thank all my friends, in my country but also all around the world who have taken such great care of me during the last several months. Sometimes the simple hug sent via social media made my days brighter. So, thank you all for your kind hearts.